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CRM business management system

Modern cloud solution for craftsmen, specialists, private practitioners. Online customer registration program.

Free trial period 10 days

Online-zapis.com. Online booking service

Our Solutions

Recording log

An electronic journal entry for beauty masters, specialists, private practice doctors is an excellent solution for automating and subsequent growth of your business.

Online booking

Online booking for masters and private practitioners allows clients to book themselves by creating appointments, selecting the desired services, date and time of the visit. Online registration for masters saves your time.

Client base

Client base with various filters, sorting options, groups, and more.

For whom CRM system Online-zapis.com?

  • Private masters
  • Self-employed
  • Cabinets

Cost calculation

We have made simple pricing for you. Honest price. No hidden fees. Free 10 days trial period (no credit card required, sms notifications not included)


The number of employees

The best choice



Pay for 15 months + 9 months get free!

Cost per month:



120 EUR



Pay for 9 months + 3 months get free!

Cost per month:



72 EUR



Cost per month:



24 EUR

*Price is for 1 branch

*Individual payment terms for large chains

*Free training and implementation. Digital transformation of your business

*Personal manager in your country.

About the Online-zapis.com service

Start your free trial right now!

Registration takes only 1 minute

Registration takes only 1 minute

Our Solutions

Online appointment for the medical center
Online appointment for dentistry
Online appointment for the laboratory
Online appointment for the polyclinic
Online appointment for cosmetology
Online appointment for a beauty salon
Online recording for barbershop
Online appointment for a spa
Online appointment for a massage studio
Online appointment for tire fitting
Online appointment for a car wash
Online appointment for service stations
Online registration for technical inspection
Online appointment for a legal adviser
Online appointment for coworking
Online recording for a photo studio
Online appointment for a personal trainer

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