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Online registration for the site. Online recording widget - what is it and how to use it?

It's no secret that computer technology is moving one step forward every day. The life of every businessman, and even an ordinary person, is directly connected with the Internet. With the help of the Internet, they solve business issues, maintain relationships and communicate with officials. The World Wide Web makes life easier and more convenient. If earlier the electronic page of any company or enterprise was considered a rarity, today almost any institution has its own website.

What is the Online Booking Widget?

For the convenience of visitors, including their employees, many sites provide a unique opportunity to sign up online. What does it mean?

In fact, the online entry is a special widget. A widget is a helper application that performs a specific function. In this case, the online recording function. It integrates into the site and is supported on any device - on the phone, tablet, computer and laptop.

In addition, the widget has several types. The first is a built-in recording platform, the second is in the form of an animated button called “Record Online”. The client presses the button and a recording window opens, where he selects a specific service, master, tariff and time, and also enters his initials and phone number.

The essence of the online booking form

An online appointment is an online booking that provides an opportunity to independently choose a specialist and time. It should be noted that for the correct operation of the online service, administrators or managers who check the relevance of records must regularly make adjustments. That is, it is not enough to simply activate a new customer record through an online form. All entries made by phone, in person at a meeting with a client and through social networks should also be included in the electronic journal. All these nuances should be taken into account in order to avoid unpleasant situations. Otherwise, illiterate online journaling can have a deplorable effect on the reputation of a company or institution.

Which service to choose?

One of the services that provide online recording services is from Online-zapis.com. Let's look at the main advantages of using the site:

  • Optimal prices;
  • Special offers (included in the package);
  • Special price for website development for clients;
  • Best prices for SMS/Email packages.

How it works?

Upon entering the site, you will see an online registration window. You can choose the color of the button and its shape (your entry in the electronic journal will be displayed in this color).

Let's say you want to go to the dentist to get a beautiful smile. What to choose first - a specialist or a service? The answer is very simple. If you have previously visited this clinic and are personally acquainted with the dentist, or if he has a good reputation (judging by the reviews), then you need to start directly with the service. If the acquaintance is just ahead, then you must first choose a doctor. You are offered a list of employees and the services they provide. Further, having decided on the master and the service, the client proceeds to the next step - the date and time of the visit.

The user sees a table in front of him, where all kinds of free options for visiting the master are presented. By choosing the required date, the client can be 100% sure that he will be accepted on that particular day and hour.

The last step is to fill in personal data. After activating the online recording, an alert with a code is sent to the phone number. This code must be written in the appropriate cell.

After the contact information is confirmed, the online appointment is activated and displayed in the specialist's electronic journal. At the same time, managers also receive a new event notification.

Order after registration for the site owner

After confirming your email and leaving your personal data, the page administrator fills in all the fields in the settings. You need to add employees and create a work schedule. Then create a service by first creating a group of services. Next, you need to place an online registration page on the site or use the page.

Why is it so popular?

  • Availability of the site at any time of the day or night;
  • Internet communication today is the most convenient form of communication;
  • Saving time for both the employee of the institution and the client;
  • Increasing profits and customer flow.

Optimize your time! Sign up online - it's convenient, modern, reliable!

Start your free trial right now!

Registration takes only 1 minute

Registration takes only 1 minute

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