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Why you need to use the Online-zapis.com service

In the world of Internet technologies, new services appear every day that provide an online recording function for the convenience of customers and owners. Constant employment and the lack of a pre-booking system negatively affects the work of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in the service sector, so they are losing more and more customers. It must be remembered that consumers also have a normalized work schedule and personal affairs, because of which there is no time to sign up for a service in person at a meeting or by phone. In addition, such a concept as "spontaneity" perfectly characterizes a modern person, especially female representatives.

Thanks to the "Online appointment" widget, the client can independently choose the day and time of the visit to a certain institution at any time of the day. And for site owners, this is a unique system for automating business and increasing the number of customers. In addition, the client will receive reminders of the upcoming visit by Email and SMS to the phone. All entrepreneurs or company managers need to do is connect the widget to their company website or social media group. On the Internet, it is very difficult to choose a truly functional, reliable and convenient online recording platform. One of these is the Online-zapis.com service, which really works. Let's take a closer look at the main points of using this site.

Who is this service ideal for:

  • Barbershops and barbers;
  • Sports clubs, gyms and fitness trainers;
  • Beauty Salons;
  • Spa, massage studios and masseurs;
  • Medical centers;
  • Pools;
  • Car washes and car services;
  • cleaning companies;
  • Lawyers, lawyers, notaries and consultants.

Benefits for business owners and professionals

You can control your business from anywhere. In addition, it will be possible to view the work schedule and record visitors, review statistics for a specific period of time. Also, you will be able to analyze all processes from customer traffic, page views, to the analysis of the company's weaknesses.

Main features of the service

If your company already has a personal website, then it can be optimized by adding the "Online Record" widget. If you do not have your own website, you can create a web page absolutely free of charge, which will be an analogue of the site. It will be active 24/7, which will allow your customers to access the page at any time of the day.

Online recording button

Visitors will also be able to choose the shape and color of the button. All that needs to be done is to choose any color, shape, enter the phone number, dial the received code in the window, decide on the title and sign up.

Electronic journal entry

Provides the ability to view online appointments, create new ones and book a time.

Create an entry

The client can create an entry easily and quickly, after which he will receive a notification of a successful entry and confirmation. To your attention is given a list of employees with a rating, information about their services and possible time. If confirmation is received, the client can be 100% sure that the recording was successful. Notifications usually come with the purpose of reminding you of an upcoming visit.

Schedule of your employees

Owners will be able to manage the list of employees and their workflow, as well as days off and access rights.

Customer database

With the help of the online service, you will have an automatic database in which all data about customers and employees will be stored.

Visitor accounting

This option allows you to follow the schedule of visits of your customers.

Subscription creation

A new type of subscription allows you to abandon plastic and paper ones. They are convenient and practical, do not get lost, have a permanent number with the possibility of extension. As a rule, it is sent by e-mail.

Email and SMS notifications

To maintain relations with the client, email and SMS mailing is carried out. The message may contain information about various promotions, discounts, sales, bonuses, and so on.

Do not look for the best - use the service Online-zapis.com!

Start your free trial right now!

Registration takes only 1 minute

Registration takes only 1 minute

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