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Online Registry

Electronic journal entry - single workspace. Automation of visits, payment methods, statuses, telephony and much more.

Online-zapis.com. Online booking service

Online appointment widget

Professional widget for recording automation. Modern design, the ability to record from any device, wherever your customers are.

Ability to place the widget: On your site and social. networks:

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Integrations allow you to organize a convenient workspace by combining the capabilities of other programs, lead generators, loyalty programs, and more.


A professional solution for managing and interacting with the client base. There are many filters, sorting, customer groups and mailing automation available.


Setting up employees, work schedules, access. Employee reviews section and more.



A powerful tool for analyzing the performance of a company. View, analyze, create effective marketing campaigns with all the numbers at your fingertips.


Creation of services with individual settings, convenient grouping of services into color-coded groups. Additional add-on in the form of categories (sections).



A module for automatically calculating an employee's earnings with a detailed breakdown of financial data for each day.

Material Accounting

Professional accounting of materials with the possibility of selling goods and automatic write-off for services rendered.



Integration with various IP telephony providers allows you to display useful data of an incoming call subscriber, work with a client card, make call forwarding, set a greeting and record administrator conversations with a subscriber.

Subscriptions and certificates (soon)

The ability to create, sell, write off partially or completely necessary services within one or more branches of your network.


Loyalty programs (soon)

Automatic loyalty programs with multiple scenarios to choose from.

Finance and cash (soon)

Creation of cash desks, accounts. Transfers, replenishment, write-offs of funds within one or several branches according to specified items. Vedomosti and much more.


Our Solutions

Online appointment for the medical center
Online appointment for dentistry
Online appointment for the laboratory
Online appointment for the polyclinic
Online appointment for cosmetology
Online appointment for a beauty salon
Online recording for barbershop
Online appointment for a spa
Online appointment for a massage studio
Online appointment for tire fitting
Online appointment for a car wash
Online appointment for service stations
Online registration for technical inspection
Online appointment for a legal adviser
Online appointment for coworking
Online recording for a photo studio
Online appointment for a personal trainer

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